James Iles is a storyboard artist and illustrator working in the feature film and television industry.


Since joining the art department for Doctor Who at the BBC in 2007, he has worked with a wide range of directors, also moving on to other projects including feature films, music videos, video games and advertising. A number of his own short films are currently touring festivals, and are in development for theatrical release.


James works on a freelance basis for a range of clients in Europe and US including Remedy Games, CBS, Open Road films, Hartswood Films, and the BBC. He also provides commissioned artwork for private collectors, publishing companies and poster artwork, and leads workshops in pre-production illustration for film and television at universities in the UK. His original paintings, abstract and industrial in nature, are included in private and public collections, and he has exhibited original pieces since 2004, at over 20 exhibitions.


His storyboarding process involves planning all required beats / shots with the director using rough thumbnail sketches. James will then produce more polished storyboards based on these drawings to arrive at a clear and dynamic visual guide based on the director's vision in preparation for filming.


James lives in Helsinki, Finland, and frequently relocates to work directly with directors and crew for the duration of pre production.


If you'd like to find out more about any of James'  work, see something specific or enquire about his work availability, please feel free to get in touch via email or phone.