2017 Show Dogs. Storyboard Artist, Open Road Pictures. Dir. Raja Gosnell.

2017 Attack Of The Cyber Octopuses. Chaosmonger Studios.

2015 The Crow. Storyboard Artist. Draven Productions Ltd / Relativity Media.


doctor who storyboard artist

2008 - 2014 Doctor Who. BBC. (33 Episodes)


Season 8. Production Designer:Michael Pickwoad.

S8 Ep 01 2014.Deep Breath. Storyboard Artist

S8 Ep 02 2014.Into the Dalek. Storyboard Artist

S8 Ep 03 2014.Robot of Sherwood.Storyboard Artist.

S8 Ep 05 2014.Time Heist.Storyboard Artist.

S8 Ep 06 2014. The Caretaker.Storyboard Artist.

Season 7 (Christmas Special). Production Designer: Michael Pickwoad.

S7, Ep0 Dec. 25, 2011 The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. Storyboard Artist.

Season 6. Production Designer: Michael Pickwoad

S6, Ep1 Apr. 23, 2011 The Impossible Astronaut.Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S6, Ep2 Apr. 30, 2011 Day of the Moon.Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S6, Ep3 May 7, 2011 The Curse of the Black Spot.Storyboard Artist,Concept Design. Fabrication. 

S6, Ep5 May 21, 2011 The Rebel Flesh. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.. 

S6, Ep8 Aug. 27, 2011 Let's Kill Hitler. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design., Fabrication. 

S6, Ep10 Sep. 10, 2011 The Girl Who Waited. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S6, Ep11 Sep. 17, 2011 The God Complex. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design. 

S6, Ep12 Sep. 24, 2011 Closing Time. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design, Fabrication. 

S6, Ep13 Oct. 1, 2011 The Wedding of River Song. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design. 

Season 5. Production Designer: Edward Thomas/Tristan Peatfield

S5, Ep1 Apr. 3, 2010 The Eleventh Hour. Storyboard Artist,

S5, Ep2 Apr. 10, 2010 The Beast Below. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S5, Ep3 Apr. 17, 2010 Victory of the Daleks. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design. Fabrication. 

S5, Ep4 Apr. 24, 2010 The Time of Angels. Storyboard Artist,  

S5, Ep5 May 1, 2010 Flesh and Stone. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S5, Ep6 May 8, 2010 The Vampires of Venice. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S5, Ep7 May 15, 2010 Amy's Choice . Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S5, Ep8 May 22, 2010 The Hungry Earth. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S5, Ep9 May 29, 2010 Cold Blood. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S5, Ep10 Jun. 5, 2010 Vincent and the Doctor. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S5, Ep11 Jun. 12, 2010 The Lodger. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S5, Ep12 Jun. 19, 2010 The Pandorica Opens. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design. Fabrication.

S5, Ep13 Jun. 26, 2010 The Big Bang. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design. 

Season 4. Production Designer: Edward Thomas

S4 ep 4 Apr. 26, 2008 The Sontaran Stratagem. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S4, Ep5  May 3, 2008 The Poison Sky.Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.

S4, Ep6  May 10, 2008 The Doctor's Daughter. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design. 

S4, Ep8  May 31, 2008 Silence in the Library. Storyboard Artist, 

S4, Ep10 Jun. 14, 2008 Midnight . Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.


sherlock storyboard artist

2010 - 2014 Sherlock. Hartswood Films.


Season 3.Production Designer: Arwel Jones.

S3 Ep 1.The Empty Hearse. Storyboard Artist.

S3 Ep2. The Sign Of Three. Storyboard Artist. 

Season 1. Production Designer: Arwel Jones.

S1, Ep1 Jul. 25, 2010 A Study in Pink. Storyboard Artist,   

S1, Ep2 Aug. 1, 2010 The Blind Banker. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design.


2011 Outcasts. Kudos Film and Television.

Season 1. Production Designer: Edward Thomas.

S1, Ep1 Feb. 7, 2011 Episode #1.1. Storyboard Artist, Concept Design. 


Independent Film

2015-2017 Conger. Writer / Producer. 

2016 Malacostraca. Pieper Films. Storyboard Artist.

2014 The Collectors Son (short). Storyboard Artist. Blind Crow Pictures.

2010 Godless Nights (short). Grayscale Productions. Storyboard Artist/ Concept Artist.


Other Clients

Sage Publications.2014-Present. Graphic Novel Artist.

Rovio Entertainment Ltd. 2013.Storyboard Artist.Animation Department for Angry Birds Toons.

Studio Hansa. 2012-Present. Storyboard Artist. Clients include CBS.

Ocean Park, Shark Bay, West Australia. 2011.Illustrator/Fabricator.

Marwell Wildlife, Winchester England U.K.  2010- 2011.Consultant/Illustrator/Designer. 

Wild Creations, Cardiff, Wales U.K. 2011-2012 Concept Design/Fabrication.