James' storyboarding process varies depending upon the production, whether film, television, animation or advertising, but always involves the translation of the director's vision to a visual guide, in preparation for filming and / or post production visual effects.

Working with the director, James will usually focus on planning stunts, vehicle chases, scenes involving animals, digital or practical effects, or challenging camera movements.

By the end of initial meetings, he will have rough thumbnail drawings of all required shots. These are taken to the studio and used as reference for the final set of storyboards, available as both hard and digital copies. 

They convey the director's vision in a clear and dynamic way to production, cast and crew in preparation for filming.

“I have been working with James since we met on THE CROW back in 2015. Since then we have collaborated on work for TV, commercials and feature films. James’ work is always outstanding. His knowledge of camera angles and lenses makes complex sequences a breeze when communicating. He is a true filmmaker and asset to everyone he works with”

Nick McKinless

Filmmaker/Action Director

"James did a terrific job for me on Show Dogs.  He single handedly boarded the bulk of the film in 8 short weeks. He helped make sense of several underwritten action scenes and cooked up several great visual gags along the way.  He listens and takes direction extremely well and is a joy to work with"

Raja Gosnell

Director/ Show Dogs


Below is a small sample of James' storyboards for feature film and television.